18 November 2017 Vienna Art Week Open Studio Day
Open Studios: Bernhard Cella | Ebru Kurbak | Anna Vasof
Curated and moderated by: Isin Önol
Vienna, Austria
23 October 2017 Cinema of Resistance: Mustang (Deniz Gamze Ergüven, 2015, 97 min.)
Discussants: Alessia Palanti | Isin Onol | Ali Akay
Moderator: Nora Philippe
Maison Française, Buell Hall, Columbia University, New York
9-12 October 2017 Workshop on Cultural Education in Germany and Turkey
Moderator: Isin Önol
Project Coordinator: Ceyda Özdemir
Organizing team: Zülal Fazlıoğlu Akın | Imke Bachmann | Handan Uzal Dündar | Özlem Ece | Ute Handwerg | Işın Önol | Rolf Witte | Leman Yılmaz | Ceyda Özdemir | Karolina Wiśniewska
Discussion and Recommendation Paper: Zülal Fazlıoğlu Akın
21 September 2017 Mother Tongue
Discussants: Selda Asal | Isin Önol
Transnational Arts Production, Oslo, Norway
1 April 2017 Conversation with Burcak Bingöl
Conversation: Burcak Bingöl | Isin Önol
Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul
26 March 2017 Are You Still Alive?
Discussion with: Didem Erk | Berat Isik
Moderator: Isin Önol
Film Screening: The Audience Emancipated
Steirische Kultur Initiative, Graz, Austria
13 March 2017 SUSMA! Art as activism in times of political silencing
Concept and Introduction: Isin Onol and Herwig Turk
Presentations: Asli Kislal | Oliver Ressler | Janez Janša | Zeyno Pekünlü
AIL Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna, Austria
17 February 2017 Trauma and Memory: Tears in the Fabric of Armenian and Greek Communities
Poetry Reading and Film Screening:
Suzanne Khardalian | Stephanos Papadopoulos
Discussants: Bella Grigoryan | Isin Onol
Moderator: Valentina Izmirlieva
10 February 2017 Refugees and Gender Violence: Vulnerability and Resistance
Talks and Panel Discussion: Vendy Vogt | Chloe Howe Haralambous | Isin Onol | Diana Taylor
Introduction: Jean Howard
Columbia University, 612 Schermerhorn Hall, New York
12 November 2016 Urban Knautschzone
Sale D’armi, Arsenale, Venice, Italy
Input by: Massimo Bricociki | Stefania Sabatinelli | Christina Schraml | Isin Önol
26 October 2016 Stay With Me: Artists’ Diaries from Istanbul
Selda Asal | Isin Önol
Belvedere 21er Haus, Salon für Kunstbuch, Vienna, Austria
24 October 2016 Panel Discussion: Modasi Gecmis Adamin Ivir Zivirlari (in Turkish)
Ali Nesin | Isin Önol | Esin Pervane | Levent Cantek
Cankaya Municipality, Ankara
26 June 2016 Panel Discussion: The Role of Cultural Policy in Times of Growing Social Inequality
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
5 June 2016 Presentation at Wiener Festwochen Open Forum: Into the City: Universal Hospitality
Işın Önol: Art & Politics in Turkey: In the Era of Uprising, Conflict, Forced Migration and Presidential Obscurity
Istanbul, Turkey / Vienna, Austria
30 May 2016 TEDx Maastricht: Nesin Art Village
Maastricht Netherlands
15 May 2016 Communicating Traumatic Memories through Artistic Practices
Discussants: Selda Asal | Isin Önol
1+1, Kunsthaus Kule, Berlin
8 September 2015 Artist’ Roundtable Discussion
 Simone Leigh | Susan Meiselas | Lorie Novak | Isin Önol | Kameelah Janan Rasheed | Aylin Tekiner
Moderator: Carol Becker
Buell Hall, East Gallery, Columbia University
13 June 2015 Artist talk: Iz Öztat
Iz Öztat | Isin Önol
Reunion Exhibition, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
30 May, 2015 Photography: A Struggle of Witnessing
Discussants: Emine Gözde Sevim | Isin Önol
Istanbul Technical University – Photography Meetings, Istanbul, Turkey
20 April, 2015 Portfolio Review: TransArts
University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2 April, 2015 Random Interference
Artist talk by Lorie Novak, Organized by Isin Önol in the frame work of the exhibition Mobilizing Memory – Vienna
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria
March, 2015 Mobilizing Memory for Another Tomorrow
Discussants: Ayse Gül Altinay | Carla Bobadilla | Tamar Citak | Isin Önol | Emine Gözde Sevim | Johanna Tinzl
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria
December, 2014 Art within Science: A Speculative Biological Approach
Artist talk by Pınar Yoldaş, Organized by Isin Önol in the framework of the exhibition Finally Feeling Fine?
University of Applied Arts, Digital Art Department run by Ruth Schnell
October, 2014 Video Conversations
Discussants: Ana Bilankov | Franck Lesbros | Rodrigo Imaz
Moderator: Işın Önol
MACP, School of Visual Arts, New York, USA
June, 2014
Discussants: Daisuke Kosugi | Mirko Lazović | Ali Miharbi
Moderator:  Işın Önol
Raum D, quartier21, Museums Quartier, Vienna
May, 2014 The Artist as Ethnographer: Cultural Workers in Red Vienna
Panel Discussion with Emilio Santisteban, T. Melih Görgün, Işın Önol; Moderation by: Hansel Sato
SOHO in OTTAKRING Festival Talks 2014, Depot, Vienna
April, 2014 Artist Talk: Learned Helplessness: On Authority, Obedience, and Control
Discussants: Burçak Bingöl | Berat Işık| Gözde İlkin| Pinar Öğrenci |Yasemin Özcan| Sevim Sancaktar | Irem Tok
Moderator:  Işın Önol
Muse Istanbul, Turkey
7 November, 2013 Mirage: A Residue of Corpreality
Discussants: Akira Lippit | Sypros Papapetros | Serkan Özkaya
Moderator:  Işın Önol
Postmasters Gallery, New York, USA
October, 2013 Shadows as Transitory Elements and Temporary Tools in Connecting with the Audience
Presentation at theSymposium: Transitory Art: Theory & Art in Temporary Societies
ARTos FOUNDATION, Nicosia, Cyprus
11 October, 2013 The New Contemporary
Discussants: Anca Mihulet | Andreiana Mihail | Isin Önol| Andrea Schurian | Asel Yeszhanova
Moderation: Andrea Schurian
VIENNAFAIR Talks, Vienna, Austria
11 September, 2013 After All
Forum: “City, Active Citizenship, Arts and Culture”
Organized by European Cultural Association
Siemens Art, Istanbul, Turkey
May, 2013 Sinopale as an Alternative Modal in Art Production
Guest Lecture at Communication, Science, Fashion class, conducted by Stefanie Wuschitz
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
April, 2013 Sinopale as an Alternative Modal in Art Production
Guest Lecture at Art and Management class conducted by Gerald Nestler
Webster University, Vienna, Austria
April, 2013 Public Conversation between Isin Önol and Hyung-Min Yoon
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Avustria
Mar, 2013 Curators’ Network
Meeting platform for artists and curators
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria
Dec, 2012 Residencies as Exchange Platform (In Context – Asia And Europe)
Panel discussion, casa masaccio / centro per l’arte contemporanea
San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy
Jan, 2012 Orders of Perception
Public Conversation with artist Bernd Oppl
At the symposium: “Reality Manifestos, or Can Dialectics Break Bricks? A study of détournement as Art Forms”, Organised by Dimitrina Sevova, WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria
Jan, 2012 Cast Shadows as Readymade Images Amid the Status of Representation and Reality
Lecture at the symposium: “Reality Manifestos, or Can Dialectics Break Bricks? A study of détournement as Art Forms”, Organised by Dimitrina Sevova, WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria
Nov, 2011 Dark Possibilities in Reconnecting with the Notion of Truth
Lecture at the symposium: SEAFair ’11 – “Energy, Biopolitics, Strategies of Resistance and Cultural Subversion”
Organised by Melentie Pandilovski, Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia
Oct, 2011 Wisdom of Shadow: Art in the Age of Corrupted Information
Presentation of the conceptual framework of the 4th Sinop Biennale: at the panel discussion “Curating and Beyond: Alternative Approaches for Curating” Siemens Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Sep, 2011 Mediterraneanising The Mediterranean: Altering Definitions In The Digital Media Era
Lecture, presented at the Forum: Revolutions In The Digital Mediterranean: The Southern Mediterranean Forum at Isea2011 Istanbul, The 17th International Symposium Of The Electronic Arts
Sep, 2011 Transforming the Past, Collecting the Future
Workshop,given within the framework of the Symposium “Collecting the Future”, Sinop, Turkey
Jun, 2011 Challenges of Interaction between the Host and the Guest through Artistic Mobility
Lecture, given at the Symposium: “Exploring Mobility around the Mediterranean”, Amman, Jordan
Jan, 2011 Eggs & Politics
Conversation: Aytac Pekdemir & Isin Önol, Kunstverein Zurich, Switzerland
Dec, 2010 Investigating the Invisible: Hidden information within Shadow
Lecture, given at the Symposium/Festival, Pixxel Point 11th International New Media Art Festival, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Mar, 2010 Educational Critique: How To Swot Curating A Critical Review Of The Curatorial Study Programmes
Panel Discussion as Part Of The Symposium: “Institution As Medium. Curating As Institutional Critique?”
Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany
Mar, 2008 Representation of Female Body throughout Modern and Contemporary Art
Presentation, 5533, Istanbul
Nov, 2007 PERSPEKTİF 2, “Tendencies, Enterprises, Politics and Words in Art and Culture”
Panel Discussion, Yeditepe University Fine Arts Dept., Art Management Program
Oct, 2007 Water Between Poetics and Politics
Symposium, Overtures/North-South-Expedition Hydroformance Istanbul
Oct, 2007 Female Body and it’s Appearance in Modern and Contemporary Art
Seminar, International Woman Association, Istanbul
Aug, 2007 XOP (Exchange of Operators and Producers)
Symposium, Mooste, Estonia