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July 2016 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer ve Kolektif Bellek (Turkish)
Artful Living Online Journal
April 2015 On Bayram Candan, Meric Algün Ringborg, and Iz Oztat
Sabanci Museum “Reunion” Exhibition Catalogue
ISBN 978-605-4348-99-2
March 2015 Dissonance: Transgressed Boundaries between Desire and Fear
Kunsgeschichte Aktuell
Issue 1/15, p4
January 2015 ‘Mobilizing Memory: Interview with Ayse Gül Altinay and Isin Önol’
n.paradoxa – international feminist art journal

Interview by: Katy Deepwell
From: n.paradoxa volume 35, Jan 2015, War/Conflict, pp.31-39
September 2014 Women Mobilizing Memory: Unbroken Cameras
Exhibition Catalogue, “Mobilizing Memory: Women Witnessing”, Depo, Istanbul
April 2014 Learned Helplessness: On Authority, Obedience, and Control
Exhibition Catalogue, Muse Istanbul (co-writen with Tobias Nöbauer)
January 2014 Inattentional Blindness
Exhibition Catalogue, Gallery Zilberman, Istanbul
May 2013 Conversation with Bernhard Cella
Streulicht Magazine, Issue 2
April 2013 With/in/significant Other
Online Exhibition, Open Systems
March 2013 Signs
Exhibition review (Turkish)
Artful Living Journal
March 2013 Speculative Biologies II
Interview with Pinar Yoldas Part II (Turkish)
Artful Living Journal
February 2013 Speculative Biologies
Interview with Pinar Yoldas (Turkish)
Artful Living Journal
February 2013 Transmediale
Exhibition review (Turkish)
Artful Living Journal
December 2012 Vulnerability of the InvulnerableEssay
The Curinity Project
October 2012 Shadows as Tools for Participation
Catalogue text
Media-Scape Biennial for Time-based Art
Topical Tactics – Tactical Topics
April 2012 Can Curating be Taught?
Article, co-written with Maja Ciric
Institution as Medium. Curating as Institutional Critique? / Part II, Issue 13, p.32
February 2012 Sustainability of Curatorial Practices in the Age of Mass Production
Article (Turkish)
Genc Sanat Art Magezine, Turkey Issue 202
September 2011 Transition
Catalogue text
Published at the museum collection book “Elgiz 10”
10th Anniversary of Proje4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul
February 2011 Challenges of Interaction between the Host and the Guest through Artistic Mobility
“Exploring Mobility around the Mediterranean”, 1st-2nd July, 2011
Amman, Jordan
December 2010 Investigating the Invisible: Hidden Information within Shadows
Published at the exhibition catalogue of the Pixxel Point 2010
11th International New Media Arts Festival, Nova Gorica, Slovenia/Nova Gorizia, Italia
November 2010 Interview with Ardan Ozmenoglu
ICE Istanbul Contemporary Etc., Quarterly Magazine, Issue 3
October 2010 Interview with Ardan Ozmenoglu
Catalogue text
Published at the exhibition catalogue Handle with Care, Uni Credit Studio, Milan
July 2010 Art as Touristic Activity
published at “Travels” Louise Nilsson & Lisa Boström
June 2010 Catalogue texts
Previously written texts “Overjoyed Ones” and “Seriously Ironic” upon the work of Muruvvet Turkyilmaz republished at the Exhibition catalogue Unregistered Geographies, Istanbul
May 2010 Political Involvement as a Basis of Collaboration
Article – Interview
Interview with What, How and for Whom, Curatorial Collective
On-Curating e-Journal, Issue 5
December 2009 Gwangju and Its Biennials
Article (Turkish)
ICE Istanbul Contemporary Etc. Quarterly Magazine, Issue 1, (p. 70-72)
November 2009 Zu Nancy Atakan
Catalogue text
for the Exhibition Catalogue “Istanbul Next Wave”
Akademie der Künste, Berlin
October 2009 Amidst
Catalogue text
(text based on the work of Hale Tenger) for the Exhibition Catalogue
Golden Gates: Contemporary Art from the Middle East, Paris
October 2009,%20%E2%80%9CSakir%20G%C3%B6kcebag%E2%80%9D,%20Isin%20%C3%96nol,%202009,%20%20ENGLISH.pdf
Catalogue text
Solo Exhibition of Sakir Gokcebag, Gallery Apel, Istanbul
September 2009 Viatico
Exhibition Curated by Vittorio Urbani, Siemens Art Gallery, Istanbul
June 2009 Seriously Ironic: Positions in Turkish Contemporary Art Scene
Catalogue text
Centre Pasquart, Biel, Switzerland
May 2009 Getting Even
Brochure text
Sabanci University, Kasa Gallery
November 2008 Privacy
Catalogue text
Artist: Assaf Gruber
La Giarina Arte Contemporanea, Verona, Italy
October 2008 Accumulated: Put Aside, Left Aside
Brochure text (co-written with Asli Cetinkaya)
5533, Istanbul, Turkey
October 2008 Art
by Robert Cumming, Eyewitness Companions, 2005
ISBN 1-4053-1054-5
July 2008 Me/we
Art Review
Artishok Annual Exhibition Curated by Maarin Mürk
Tallinn City Gallery, Estonia
June 2008 The Sublime Figures of Leaping Heart
Catalogue Text
Ca’ Pesaro International Museum of Modern Art, Venice, Italy
October 2006 – June 2008 Monthly articles
Roxy Gaste,  Arts and Culture Magazine, Istanbul, Turkey
December 2007 Öztoprak and His European Contemporaries
Article (Turkish)
Radikal Newspaper, Turkey
November 2007 Hard to Die, Hard to Encounter, Hard to Ignore
Catalogue text
Artist: Selda Asal, Berlin, Germany
Summer Issue, 2005 Judging Books by Their Covers
by Richard P. Feynman
Matematik Dunyasi, Mathematics Periodical Issue 3, Turkey
Editor: Ali Nesin
Winter Issue, 2005 Interview with Serge Lang
by Anthony Liversidge
Matematik Dunyasi, Mathematics Periodical Issue 4, Turkey
Editor: Ali Nesin
October Issue, 2004 Encounters
Article on Encounters Exhibition at V&A Museum, London
Hayallare Visa, Art and culture monthly magazine, Turkey