Nancy Atakan
20/07/2007- 1/09/2007
Artvarium – Proje4L/Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul
Isin Önol


AND is neither this nor that.
AND is always in-between two things.
AND belongs to neither,
AND marks the border of each.
AND has neither beginning nor end.
Within AND, experiences develop,
Events take place, revolutions evolve.
Like a river, AND flows, barely perceivable.
AND picks up speed in the middle,
AND undermines its own banks.

Artvarium, The project room of the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art is now exhibiting Nancy Atakan’s video installation: “and”. The video, “and”, was made by using a range of media including film, photography, drawing, stop motion animation, collage, poetry and sound.

Language and the ambiguity it causes are the main points of Atakan’s work. Relationships, connections, translations are her keywords. Using these keywords she arrives at “and” as a symbol of all three. “and” intends to connect two words, two sentences, two concepts, two meanings, however, it never succeeds literally. It stays always in between, desperate to create a connection, written in small letters, meaningless without the elements that it is to connect…  Nancy Atakan, in this video, puts her self in place of “and”, committed to function as “and”, by connecting two personal dream places. She is in neither of the places, however tries desperately to connect them, even though she is aware of the impossibility of reaching either.