Théâtre Liberté, Toulon, France
Choreography and Dance: Ziya Azazi

Scenography Sonore and Interpretation: Claudio Bettinelli
Concept and Dramaturgy: Isin Önol
Dance: Loreta Juodkaite
Scenography: Peter Leitner
Images vidéo: François Salès
Light design: Lutz Deppe
Costume design: Ischiko
Production: Art Moderne

This project departs from the idea of researching the possibilities of transforming the energy that comes out through powerful, repetitive dance movements. It brings together two dancers/choreographers Ziya Azazi and Loreta Juodkaitė, who’s dance practices are based on experimental whirling, carrying their bodies into their limits through repetitive nature of whirling, and a musician Claudio Bettinelli with his experimental sound practices based on the device Theremin beside a large variety of other experimental devices and open source technologies.

This choreographic project aims at opening up a space for a transdisciplinary encounter where the dance performers contribute into the music with their body movements while the musician contributes to the choreography with his performative stance within the area of the spectacle where the movement and the sound are in constant transformation. It proposes to research the possibilities to transfer the movements that are based on turning, whirling, spinning, into other sources of energy, mainly to generate electricity and light. It suggests various occupation methods with certain technological devices to transfer movement into music and music into movement. Participants are prepared to be a source of energy through their artistic engagement.